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How To Use

Step 1- Setup
how to use - step 1Insert each bag into one another, then place into a clean, empty bucket. Fold the top portion of the bags over the top of the bucket to create a large opening at the top.
Step 2- Add Water
how to use - step 2Add cold water to the empty Drop Bags until the bucket is half full.
Step 3- Add Plant Material
how to use - step 3Start adding the plant material to the cold water inside of the Drop Bags. Make sure you spread the plant material evenly.
Step 4- Add Ice
how to use - step 4Add ice to the plant and water mixture. You will need enough ice to completely cover the mixture.
Step 5- Mixing
how to use - step 5Mix your ingredients for at least 20 minutes for proper extraction. Use of a hand mixer is also suggested.
Step 6- Remove Bags
how to use - step 6Carefully remove each Drop Bag individually. As you pull a Drop Bag out of the bucket, let the water drain thoroughly.